It’s time to make systematic changes to support STEM advances (opinion)

Graduate students and postdoctoral researchers play a vital role in advancing our nation’s research enterprise and economic competitiveness. In the wake of a few notable recent developments focused on the future of science, now is an opportune time to emphasize systemic changes that need to occur to nurture the next generation of scientists. A few … Read more

Rest In Peace Judge Silberman

Judge Laurence Silberman of the DC Circuit Court of Appeals died on Sunday. The Wall Street Journal has full coverage, including an obituary, house editorial, and op-ed by Paul Clement. (Indeed, I suspected something was up when the WSJ published Judge Silberman’s Constitution Day address at Dartmouth.) He was a legal giant. Few today could … Read more

Travel inspiration for World Coffee Day

By Christopher Hill on Oct 02, 2022 in Asia, Belize, Central America, Costa Rica, Food and Drink, Guatemala, Indonesia, Peru, Regions, South America, Travel Miscellany Ah… coffee! The elixir that many of us rely on to get into our days, is celebrated on October 1 – World Coffee Day. What better reason do you need … Read more

Web Design Company: Top Tips For Choosing

Choosing The Right eLearning Web Design Company Your entire business presence depends upon how interactive and compelling your website is. Therefore, the right development of a website plays an integral role in the betterment of your business. There are numerous web development companies out there that offer web design and development services. In order to … Read more

How Much Money You Need To Save By EVERY AGE

How much you need to have saved by age should be based on your own goals. The most common filter used for projecting how much you need to save is based on retirement, having enough money to draw from after you quit working a job. Historically this has been saving ten times your annual income … Read more

A Belated Vindication for School Reopeners

The Stolen Year: How COVID Changed Children’s Lives, and Where We Go Now, by Anya Kamenetz, PublicAffairs, 352 pages, $25 Twelve years after he was acquitted of murder, OJ Simpson and a ghostwriter penned a book called If I Did It. I was reminded of that when The Stolen Year arrived on my doorstep. A … Read more

Will Sackett v. EPA Clarify the Scope of Federal Regulatory Jurisdiction Over Wetlands?

On Monday, the first day of the new Supreme Court term, the justices will hear oral argument in Sackett v. Environmental Protection Agency, in which the Sacketts are challenging the EPA’s authority to regulate the use of their land under the Clean Water Act. Specifically, the Court will consider how courts should determine whether a … Read more

Giving Yale Law School The Heave-Ho

A federal clerkship is a coveted position. Judges wield vast amounts of power in selecting their clerks–so vast that fear of reprisals have forced many clerks to stay quiet in the face of abuse. I even proposed eliminating clerkships as a way to eliminate this imbalance of power. But so long as federal clerkships remain, … Read more