How to visit Japan on a budget

Japan has a reputation as an expensive place to travel to, but it’s an image that doesn’t hold up on the ground. With a little strategy, a visit can be very reasonable – budget-friendly, even. Many of the country’s top sights, for example, cost nothing and free festivals take place year-round. Some accommodations are more … Read more

How to Trade Debit Spreads

Traders get into the options market for a variety of reasons and most want to take advantage of the leverage that options provide. Out of my years that were spent teaching traders, in addition to my own adventure into options, I’ve come to know and love trading debit spreads in the options market. It’s a … Read more

How Teachers Can Support Twice Exceptional Students

Twice exceptional students, or 2e students, are learners who are identified as exceptionally bright but who also have disabilities (for example ADHD, mild autism, dyslexia, or other learning or behavioral challenges) that need specialized attention. According to a report on twice exceptionality by the National Association for Gifted Children, there are approximately three million gifted … Read more

Democrat Cory Booker Cries While Praising Supreme Court Nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson

Cory Booker became emotional and moved Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson to tears during her final confirmation hearing on Wednesday as he expressed “joy” at her historic nomination. The New Jersey senator declared that he’s “not letting anybody” steal his joy over Jackson’s nomination before recounting an instance in which a woman accosted him … Read more

Everything About the Island Reversal Pattern

The Island Reversal Pattern is a chart pattern that involves a gap in price, consolidation and then another gap in the opposite direction (creating an island of candles as you’ll see in the below charts). Intro In their attempt to understand the movement of prices in different financial markets, pioneers of technical analysis techniques have … Read more

Cloud Technology For eLearning In 2022 And Beyond

Cloud Adoption: A Boon For Successful eLearning eLearning applications and EdTech companies are the booming sections of the services market, after the frequent lockdowns implemented by governments due to the pandemic. These software solutions and their service providers are gaining ground within the education sector of schools, colleges, and universities. The most important technology that … Read more

The 5th Circuit Approves a Cop’s Violent Response to a Dispute Over a 7-Year-Old’s Littering

A 2016 dispute between neighbors that began when a 7-year-old boy was accused of littering escalated into a violent confrontation with Fort Worth police officer William Martin, who arrested the boy’s mother, Jacqueline Craig, and three of his sisters. Craig says Martin, in addition to forcing her to the ground with a taser to her … Read more

We must do better for future transgender athletes (opinion)

With March Madness in full swing, you may have noticed more than usual mainstream sports media coverage devoted to the National Collegiate Association women’s swimming finals last. The coverage largely focused on “concerns” about the possibility of new records being broken by Lia Thomas, a varsity swimmer at the University of Pennsylvania who also set … Read more

Ketanji Brown Jackson Failed To Provide Clarity During Confirmation Hearings

By Harmeet Dhillon for RealClearPolitics On day two of her confirmation hearings, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson – Biden’s nominee for the Supreme Court – remains as evasive as ever on her concerning legal record of leniency toward pedophiles and her views on critical race theory. Several senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee have pressed her … Read more