Embed Learning Holistically: 5 Considerations

Real Learning Is A Serious Matter Are too many of us L&D (teaching) practitioners focusing too much on learner experience ratings, and confusing this feel-good factor with real ROL (return on learning)? The 5 further considerations offered here serve as important “checks and balances” for both learners and teachers to apply due diligence in their … Read more

Our 13th Annual Summer Reading Contest

This announcement is available as a one-page PDF to hang on your class bulletin board. Every year since 2010, The Learning Network has invited teenagers around the world to add The New York Times to their summer reading lists. So far, more than 80,000 have done so. If you are looking for ways to offer … Read more

Several community colleges raise tuition for fall

Faculty members and students at Connecticut community colleges are concerned about a recent vote by the state Board of Regents to raise tuition at the institutions by 5 percent. They are particularly dismayed about the timing of the decision, which comes as many students are still recovering—or still suffering—from the financial fallout of the pandemic. … Read more

A Parent Volunteer Is Snooping in My Gradebook

Dear WeAreTeachers:I was so excited to finally welcome parent volunteers back into my third-grade classroom after such a long time. This one mom has been asking to help all year, and she just had her first day in the classroom. I gave her a bunch of tasks, like making copies and stuffing Friday Folders. She … Read more

Continuous Learning And LMS For Training

How Continuous Learning Will Help You Retain Your Employees If you ask the average person how they’d like to spend their days, they’d probably say taking time off to relax. (Whatever their definition of “relaxing” is.) But when we get the chance to do that—bedridden with illness or retired, for example—we quickly get bored. In … Read more