Will SCOTUS Let Man Arrested for Making Fun of Cops Sue?

Six years ago, police in Parma, Ohio, arrested Anthony Novak for making fun of them. By creating a parody of the police department’s official Facebook page, they alleged, Novak had violated a broadly worded state law against using a computer to “disrupt, interrupt, or impair” police services. After a jury unanimously acquitted Novak of that … Read more

Did The US Attack The Nord Stream Pipeline? Poland’s Former Foreign Minister Thinks So

As if international tensions haven’t been high enough, rumors have been swirling surrounding who was behind the apparent sabotage of the natural gas pipeline Nord Stream 2. The pipeline’s significance for Russia and Europe is enough for this to be the backdrop of a future international intrigue novel, but for now is devastatingly real. Many … Read more

Thousands of VA Students Protest Policy Requiring Boys To Use Boy’s Bathroom

You’d think after the National Report Card showed that American students lost 20 years of educational progress in two years of shutdowns and parents pulling their children from public school enrollments at an alarming rate, school administrators and special interest groups would get the message. Kids need to be in school to get a quality … Read more

Biden Declares War on ‘Junk Fees’ From Banks, Airlines, Credit Card Companies

The Biden administration has declared war on what President Joe Biden describes as “junk fees.” These include things like bank overdraft fees, late fees for credit cards, and fees for add-on airline services like checking bags or choosing your seat. Government-mandated “competition.” Biden has nonsensically portrayed government meddling with such fees as a boon for … Read more

Top Dem Nadler Knew Trump Impeachment Process Was ‘Unconstitutional’ But Schiff and Pelosi Dismissed Him

Powerful Democrat Representative Jerry Nadler was reportedly convinced the process behind the first impeachment trial of Donald Trump was “unconstitutional” and tried warning House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and fellow Rep. Adam Schiff, only to be rebuffed. The extraordinary accounting comes from excerpts of a new book titled, “Unchecked: The Untold Story Behind Congress’s Botched Impeachments … Read more

“One of the Side Effects of COVID-19 Is Litigation”; and in Litigation, as in Medicine, Delay Can Be Deadly

On Aug. 1, Chief Judge Lee Rosenthal (SD Tex.) handed down an opinion in Stella Immanuel v. CNN: One of the side effects of COVID-19 is litigation. Some of that litigation has arisen from the national conversation, medical and lay, over what medication is effective to prevent and treat COVID-19. The plaintiff in this case, … Read more

Nord Stream Pipelines Sabotaged, and Only One Country Benefits

Aerial view of blown Nord Stream pipeline near Bornholm Island. Guest post by Bill Hennessy Three deep-water explosions destroyed the Nord Stream pipelines under the Baltic Sea on Monday. While the MSM and governments reported “leaks” in the pipelines following sudden pressure drops to zero, Swedish seismologists knew better. One of the three explosions measures … Read more

More On The Referendum Game Changer

Remember three weeks ago when Putin and the Russian military were on the ropes and the Ukrainian army was steamrolling through Kharkov? That was then and Urkaine’s promised victory failed to materialize. With the benefit of hindsight, it appears that Russia abandoned the strategically meaningless territory in the Kharkov Oblast of Ukraine and re-deployed forces … Read more

President Biden Is Lying About Guns. Again.

Government lies aren’t new; political fibs have such deep roots in history that you could open a museum of official mendacity and have enough rotating exhibits to keep things fresh. But now, amidst much hysteria over “misinformation,” we see a resident of the White House misrepresent facts in pursuit of restrictions on legal ownership of … Read more

The University of Idaho General Counsel’s Letter on Abortion

As I noted below, Keith Whittington blogged yesterday about the University of Idaho General Counsel’s Office letter that said professors were limited in their classroom discussions of abortion. Here are some key passages: During all times that university employees are performing their jobs, the law prohibits them from taking any action, and from using or … Read more