‘The Woman King’ Rewrites History for a Feminist Twist on the Slave Trade

It’s difficult to watch The Woman King and not conclude it’s a masterfully made movie. It has soaring action scenes—the sort that will make you squirm and scream—unconventionally led by a cast of female Amazonian warriors. It has Viola Davis, whose reputation as one of the most formidable actresses alive needs little explanation. And it … Read more

Iowa Jury Awards $12 Million to Former School Counselor Wrongly Imprisoned for Sex Abuse

An Iowa jury yesterday awarded $12 million to a former elementary school guidance counselor who served six years of a 25-year prison sentence after a student accused him of molestation. Donald Lyle Clark’s 2010 conviction was overturned in 2016 after he persuaded a judge that his lawyer, who died in 2013, had blatantly failed to … Read more

Guns Aren’t a Public Health Issue

The New York Times published an 11-minute documentary in June titled “‘It Was Really a Love Story.’ How an NRA Ally Became a Gun Safety Advocate,” which tells a heartwarming story of how friendship transcended political differences and convinced a right-wing partisan to come to terms with the truth about firearms. The film stars a … Read more

Who Sabotaged the Nord Stream Pipelines?

Speculation abounds about who or what could have damaged the Nord Stream pipelines in the Baltic Sea, a whodunit case that is raising fears about widening the war in Ukraine. The two pipelines—which carry natural gas from their source in Russia to their destinations in Germany—sprung leaks in four separate locations in Swedish- and Danish-controlled … Read more

Haidt Quits Academic Society Due To Diversity Statement Mandate

It was probably inevitable that Jonathan Haidt, an academic long concerned about the politicization of academia, would eventually be caught up in the displacement of intellectual inquiry by ideological rigidity. Last week the New York University (NYU) psychology professor announced that he would resign at the end of the year from the Society for Personality … Read more

Six States File Lawsuit Challenge Biden Student Debt Cancellation Program

Earlier today, six GOP-controlled state governments filed a challenging legality of President Biden’s massive student loan forgiveness program. This development is notable because at least some of the states have a very strong argument for “standing,” the biggest procedural obstacle to getting legality of the program considered in court. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that … Read more