America’s Most Profitable Day Trader

Steve Cohen is arguably the most profitable hedge fund trader ever. His SAC Capital returned 30% annually for more than 20 years since its inception in 1992 making Cohen a billionaire. What many people don’t know is that Cohen started his career as a day trader. [1] How good is he? Showtime’s Billions is inspired … Read more

How Much Money You Need To Save By EVERY AGE

How much you need to have saved by age should be based on your own goals. The most common filter used for projecting how much you need to save is based on retirement, having enough money to draw from after you quit working a job. Historically this has been saving ten times your annual income … Read more

Short Squeeze Stocks Today: October 2022

Selling short a stock reverses the normal order of buying it and then selling it. Selling short means to sell something you don’t own. When hedge funds and large players sell a short stock they borrow the stock from their broker and sell it to a buyer in the marker. They then owe the broker … Read more

How To Manage Your Money (50/30/20 Rule)

People that are financially successful tend to all use a budget to manage their monthly bills. Even the ones that don’t use a budget have the self discipline to control their spending within the parameters of what their income allows. A budget spends all of your monthly household income on paper before the month begins. … Read more

Simple Steps to Financial Freedom

Money doesn’t bring happiness in itself, it’s the time, freedom, and experiences money buys that brings happiness. Money can’t solve all your problems but it can solve all your money problems. Money doesn’t change you, it just amplifies who you already are. If you are greedy you will just be more greedy, if you are … Read more

Average Net Worth By Age (Not What You Think)

Net worth is calculated by the total value of every asset that an individual owns subtracted by all their liabilities. Net worth can vary greatly over someone’s lifetime based on where they are in their financial journey. College graduates can even start out with a negative net worth as they have a degree but no … Read more

Levels of Wealth Explained – New Trader U

There are fourteen primary levels of wealth that are each distinct in their experience both mentally and financially. Most people can look at this list and identify where they are in their financial journey rather quickly. Two keys to personal finance is to number one identify where you are, and number two set goals for … Read more

5 Ways Rich People Make Money With Debt

In finance there is both bad debt and good debt. Bad debt is owing money on depreciating assets that have fixed payments and go down in value. Good debt is owning an asset by using debt that goes up in value and/or creates positive cash flow above the debt payment and expenses. All debt comes … Read more