Debit and Credit Spreads Trading

Many traders come to us with experience trading stocks, and possibly calls or puts. However, learning about more complex options strategies, such as credit and debit spreads, can be a daunting task at first. I wanted to do a quick summary on this topic because once you know the ins and outs of these trading … Read more

Market Overview for Week of March 14, 2022

It was a very eventful week. We can’t possibly get to everything and still keep things brief. Keep in mind the Stalin quote – “there are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where contracts happen.” when trading these markets. The Russia/Ukraine war is still going strong with the Russian troops just nine miles … Read more

Call vs Put Option- Simpler Trading

Options are one of the most popular trading strategies on the market, and for good reason, options traders can offer a safety net within their trades. And, if you know anything about the market you’ll understand that is a rare thing. So, let’s get into what options are and the different types you may encounter … Read more

Market Overview for Week of March 21, 2022

It was another eventful week in markets with the Fed dipping their toes into hawkish water for the first time since 2018, Russia and Ukraine still failing to reach a peace deal or compromise, and insane price action in the Chinese stock market. Before we go over what happened this week and what will happen … Read more

Can You Get Rich Off Penny Stocks?

Penny stocks are infamous for having a shady stigma. And because of that tainted brand, some consider them to have a bad reputation. Most traders usually see them as low-quality trades associated with high risk and high volatility. However, it’s a little harsh considering that’s not always the case. The definition of a penny stock … Read more

How to Trade Debit Spreads

Traders get into the options market for a variety of reasons and most want to take advantage of the leverage that options provide. Out of my years that were spent teaching traders, in addition to my own adventure into options, I’ve come to know and love trading debit spreads in the options market. It’s a … Read more

Everything About the Island Reversal Pattern

The Island Reversal Pattern is a chart pattern that involves a gap in price, consolidation and then another gap in the opposite direction (creating an island of candles as you’ll see in the below charts). Intro In their attempt to understand the movement of prices in different financial markets, pioneers of technical analysis techniques have … Read more

How to use the HiLo Pro Oscillator

Markets have two phases: trends or sideways consolidation. And, because markets have two phases, traders need an indicator that works for each one. Over my years of trading, I’ve experimented with various indicators to try and better understand both of these phases. There are many indicators out there that try to capture the essence of … Read more

This Fed Meeting Changed Everything

The March 2022 Federal Reserve meeting represents a massive shift in the Fed’s approach to monetary policy and inflation. For several months, Jay Powell has been flirting with hawkishness, but it’s been all talk. He’d say what everyone wants to hear but refuse to raise rates or taper the Fed’s balance sheet. Market participants have … Read more

Trading with a Full-Time Job

Trading with a full-time job can be a challenging venture but also a rewarding one. Being able to trade part-time while you’re at work can be a great way to generate passive income or build up your retirement portfolio. But depending on what your job entails, it may dictate how you trade. For instance, you … Read more