The 5 best islands to visit In Greece

When it comes to the best islands to visit in Greece, you’re spoiled for choice. But I’ve narrowed down the list for you. If you’ve been dreaming of an island paradise, Greece is undoubtedly among the most beautiful in the world. It’s only once you’ve experienced the magnitude of these archipelagos with your own eyes … Read more

What to do to be successful

Success is defined primarily as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Success is achieving our goals, but what really leads to success in life? We must also consider success in the context of the complete picture of all areas of our life, such as health, relationships, peace of mind, passion, purpose, and also finances. … Read more

L&D Strategies For Healthcare Organizations

Top L&D Strategies For Healthcare Organizations Over the last two months, I’ve been speaking with L&D leaders across the healthcare sector to find out more about the challenges they’re facing—and the learning strategies they’re using to face these challenges. These conversations have taught me a lot. Right now, hospitals, training bodies, and other healthcare organizations … Read more

Taste of Plitvice Lakes: Lička kuća restaurant

The gastronomy of Lika gathers anyone eager to experience a breath of Lika’s history after having enjoyed its natural wonders. The preserved nature and special climate of Lika represent an advantage that has an effect on the nutritional value and quality of the ingredients used in the preparation of meals. The diet of the people … Read more

Warren Buffett’s Secrets for Success

Warren Buffett is not only one of the wealthiest people in the world, but also one of the most successful in all areas of his life. Let’s look at all his successes in life. Wealth: His current net worth is $108.2 billion. Health: He’s a healthy 92 year old, still works full time, thinks clearly, … Read more

‘Regular and substantive interaction’ in online college

In 2017, the US Department of Education’s Office of Inspector General audited Western Governors University and labeled it a “correspondence education” provider rather than a “distance education” provider. Only online colleges that provide “regular and substantive interaction” between faculty members and students are considered distance education providers; Those that fall short are in the business … Read more

Humanities majors should pay lower tuition (opinion)

That the humanities are in crisis will surprise exactly no one. Since the great decline of 2008, but especially after 2012, the share of majors in the humanities has continued to decrease precipitously among American college-goers. If we include popular majors like communications, the share of humanities majors was just under 10 percent in 2020. … Read more

13 best things to do in Thailand

Southeast Asia’s most popular holiday destination, Thailand continues to dazzle travelers with its glittering temples, tropical beaches, and mouth-watering food. Add blockbuster natural scenery, vibrant villages, a cosmopolitan capital and buckets of culture, and it’s easy to see how the Land of Smiles has turned many a first-timer into a repeat visitor. From the best … Read more

FBI says most bomb threats against HBCUs made by a minor

A series of bomb threats that shook historically Black colleges and universities earlier this year was allegedly committed by one minor, according to an update from the Federal Bureau of Investigations on Monday. The minor is reportedly being monitored and is “under restrictions.” Some HBCU leaders, who have been clamoring for information about possible perpetrators … Read more