Haidt Quits Academic Society Due To Diversity Statement Mandate

It was probably inevitable that Jonathan Haidt, an academic long concerned about the politicization of academia, would eventually be caught up in the displacement of intellectual inquiry by ideological rigidity. Last week the New York University (NYU) psychology professor announced that he would resign at the end of the year from the Society for Personality … Read more

Western Connecticut challenges reflect system tensions

Faculty demands for accountability at Western Connecticut State University, months after the president stepped down amid scrutiny over the depletion of the institution’s reserves. New leadership has been tasked with righting the ship, and faculty eagerly awaiting answers. For some, the answers aren’t coming fast enough—and they worry accountability won’t come at all. WCSU administrators … Read more

Teach students to be critics—and builders (opinion)

Eboo Patel’s Sept. 6 opinion piece titled “Teach Your Students to Be Builders, Not Critics” in Inside Higher Ed argues exactly what its title states. Its conclusion rests on the false dichotomy of its title: “we need more college educators who are teaching students how to be architects of a better system, not arsonists of … Read more

Six States File Lawsuit Challenge Biden Student Debt Cancellation Program

Earlier today, six GOP-controlled state governments filed a challenging legality of President Biden’s massive student loan forgiveness program. This development is notable because at least some of the states have a very strong argument for “standing,” the biggest procedural obstacle to getting legality of the program considered in court. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that … Read more

Unhinged Journalist Attacks Governor DeSantis As “Pro-Hurricane”, Then MAGA Responds

Earlier this morning, after Hurricane Ian ravaged the state of Florida overnight, a non-profit journalism collective called Florida Phoenix published an article about Hurricane Ian, claiming that Governor Ron DeSantis was indeed “pro-hurricane.” Twitter user Red Alligator Politics, or @Floridaner, pointed out the absurd write-up right after the Florida Phoenix deleted their original tweet calling … Read more

3 Questions With Coursera and Louisiana Tech on New Student and Employer Research

Earlier this week, I focused on how the pandemic altered how academics work. Now, let’s talk about how academics and universities are changing to prepare students for the workforce. I’m drawing from new research from Coursera. In collaboration with market research firm Dynata, the company surveyed over 2,400 students and recent graduates and 1,200 employers … Read more